EPEE Brochure: F-gas Regulation Revision
EPEE Brochure: F-gas Regulation Revision :

The F-Gas Regulation is an EU Regulation directly applicable in all EU Member States, and aims to control emissions from fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases). The original F-gas Regulation was published in 2006 and was revised in 2014. The new F-gas Regulation (EU) 2024/573 replaces the (EU) 517/2014 regulation.

After starting the revision process of the (EU) 517/2014 in June 2020, the Commission published a draft legislative proposal on 5 April 2022, with the objective to align the European F-gas Regulation with the European Green Deal targets, the European Climate Law, and the international obligations on HFCs under the Montreal Protocol. The F-gas Regulation (EU) 2024/573 was published on 20 February 2024, and entered into force on 11 March 2024.

Our new F-gas regulation revision (2024) document is intended to provide background information and guidance on the European F-gas Regulation (EU) 2024/573. The guide is up to date as of June 2024; subsequent updates will be shared on this page.

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