EPEE Hosts Annual General Meeting
EPEE Hosts Annual General Meeting :

The EPEE Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in Brussels 21 June, 2023, during which members approved new Statutes and 2022 accounts. Eight new members were voted to the Steering Committee, beginning their two-year mandate:

  1. Rainer Grosse-Kracht, Bitzer
  2. Raul Simonetti, Carel
  3. Julien Soulet, Honeywell
  4. Dochul Choi, Samsung
  5. Martin Dieryckx, Daikin
  6. Marco Masini, ASERCOM Representative
  7. Kenichi Ichihara, Fujitsu General Limited
  8. Thom Hermens, Chemours

The following members’ mandate ends at the 2024 AGM:

  1. Juergen Fischer, Danfoss
  2. Andrea Vallejo, Johnson Controls (current President)
  3. Kenji Kobayashi, Panasonic
  4. Takayuki Hanaki, Mitsubishi Electric
  5. Luc Dehon, Climalife (current Treasurer)
  6. Thomas Tomski, Emerson
  7. Didier Genois, Carrier

EPEE is very grateful to members for their dedication and commitment to supporting EPEE as the voice of the RACHP industry in Europe.

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